•    How long is the procedure?
       2 hours
•    How much is 3D Embroidery?
       Please see our service menu
•    If I come back after a year of having my brows originally done, does it count as a touch up?
       No, we give you a 1-3 month grace period to make your touch up appointment.  If you exceed after 3                    months and you want to get it touched up, it will be consider the full price.
•    What is the recovery period?

       10 days


Lashes: Most Commonly Asked Questions

•    How long is a full set?
       2 hours
•    How long is a touch up?
       1 hour
•    Can we wear makeup to the appointment?
       We suggest you not to because it makes the procedure go smoother, but if you must, eye shadow is ok.              NO MASCARA.
•    How far in advance do we need to book an appointment?
       It is best to call a week before you want to get in to guarantee the day and time you want.
•    Who is the best lash tech/who do you suggest?
       Honestly, all of our licensed Lash Techs are amazing and talented.  They all provide the same quality of

       work.  They’ve all gone through the same hours of training and take an intensive exam before being able         to perform the procedure on an actual client.  Whomever you end up with, you will be satisfied.  
•    Does it hurt?
       If done correctly, it shouldn’t hurt.  Lash extensions are applied to your natural lashes, not on your skin.  
•    What kind of lashes do you use?
       We use synthetic mink lashes because the curl hold well, at the same time still soft not plastic.
•    What brand of lashes do you use?
       We use Long Mi Lashes
•    Has anybody had an allergic reaction to the products?
       Generally, some people do have an allergic reaction to the product(s), but its probably because they                    don’t know they are allergic to it.  But, it is a very small percent that people may develop a reaction.  Our          clients, its rare, we’ve had clients who have been our regulars for a long time, all of a sudden develop a                reaction.  A lot of factors plays into it, it can be the change of the season that can cause it or your natural          body chemistry changes.  The glue we carry, as does most, if not all lash extension glue, does have a small          percentage of latex and formaldehyde.  
•    Why do you ask for a deposit?
       It first secures your appointment with us.  Second, it let us know you are serious about your appointment.        Third, it guarantees work for our employees.


•    What type of payments are accepted?
       We accept all major credit cards, cash, and checks.
•    Why do we have so many policies?
       When a client cancels or reschedules last minute we miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time.  
•    Why is punctuality important?
       We work really hard to schedule the right amount of time for each service.  Accommodating late guests is        often impossible without disrupting every other guest scheduled that day.  Please be aware in the                        unfortunate even you are late, we cannot guarantee that your service will be performed that day.  You                may reschedule for another day, but a $15 fee will apply for rescheduling.  SEE CANCELLATION POLICY.

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