What to Expect?

•    Please keep in mind that this is a 2 step process.
     •    The first & second visits have separate fees.
     •    It is VERY IMPORTANT to complete the 2 visits, which is usually 30-60 days apart.
     •    Each individual heals differently as our body chemistries are different and responds                       differently to the pigments. 
•  The initial look of the brows in the first 10 days will be very defined and is NOT the final                 result.  
•   If the 2nd visit is not attended to, the brows will gradually fade away.
•  Occasionally, a 3rd visit is necessary for certain clients, 30 days later after the 2nd visit; this      is not uncommon. 

Eyebrow Microblading Procedure

9AM - 6PM  MON-FRI  |  9163.683.1541


•​   Do not take over-the-counter medication that is NOT medically necessary 2-3 days before         the procedure. Medications such as:
                 •​   Aspirin
                 •​   Niacin
                 •​   Fish oils
                 •​   Vitamin E
                 •​   Ibuprofen or any pain killer
                 •​   But Tylenol is acceptable.

•​   If you use Accutane, you must be off Accutane for 1 year, NO EXCEPTIONS!
•​   Do not consume alcoholic beverages the day before the procedure
•​   Avoid working out or sweating excessively before procedure
•​   If you get your eyebrows waxed or tinted, it is recommended to wait at least 3 days

      before the procedure
•​   Antacids, thyroid and anxiety medications have been reported as interfering with

      retention or shifting the pigments to an undesirable tone. 
•​   It usually takes 2 hours for the procedure, or sometimes a little longer, depending on

      some individuals.  
•​   Consultation is given within that 2-hour timeframe to go over brow shape and color. 
•​   Initial outline of brow shape is drawn on and once client approves, the technician will

     apply a numbing agent and begin depositing pigment with a hand held microblading tool,             not a machine.
•​   Please keep in mind that our faces are NOT symmetrical, and it is almost  impossible to

      create identical brows, but we aim to create as much symmetry as possible
•​   Each brow hair is drawn on one by one to create a natural look and typically lasts 1-2 years

      depending on the individual and will gradually fade.
•​   This is a semi-permanent procedure, as the pigment is not placed as deep into the skin and

     gradually fades as the skin naturally exfoliates, taking some of the pigments with it.