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What to Expect Pre and Post


•    Full Set takes 2 hours, Touch Up is a 1 hour session
•    No eye makeup if possible, at least NO mascara
•    Lashes/lash lines needs to be clean of any debris or particles, ie: lash glue, glitter, liner, etc.
•    Make sure you are able to close eyes and lay down for up to 2 hours consecutively
•    If wearing contacts, prepare contact lens case with solution or eye drops, if needed
•    Make sure you are not allergic to latex or formaldehyde (all lash extension glues has a                    small percentage of those ingredients) 
•    If consent, pictures will be taken before and after procedure 
•    Let your Tech know if you have any medical issues that may be a concern to the service you        are receiving
•    Lash Tech will consult with length/thickness/shape with you
•    Lotion and medical grade tape will be placed under your eyes, on top of your lower lashes
•    Techs always wash their hands with antibacterial hand soap and water before starting the          procedure
•    Ask for pillows or blanket, if needed


•    Once last lash has been placed, your tech will give you a fan to fan the lashes
•    Tape will be removed from the eyes
•    A mirror is given for you to look/admire/examine your newly filled lashes.  Any concerns,              please let the last tech know right there.  If you want them a little fuller, and your time is              over, we may ask you to schedule 1-3 days after initial appointment for $15 more.  
•    Lash tech will go over aftercare of lashes.  SEE AFTERCARE.
•    A disposable mascara wand will be given to you to brush lashes
•    Avoid tugging/pulling/rubbing/touching lashes
•    Your lash tech will suggest best time to come back for your touch up.  Then you schedule              your next touch up with the front desk.